Your Children Are Watching You

“Be kind and compassionate…forgiving each other…as in Christ God for­gave you.” Eph 4:32 NIV

Here’s a sto­ry every par­ent needs to read and remem­ber. “One day my hus­band and I got into an argu­ment and end­ed up yelling at each oth­er. I retreat­ed to the porch and sat with my head in my hands, cry­ing. Our two-year-old over­heard the argu­ment. ‘I love you, Mom,’ she said, as she sat beside me and put her arms around me. ‘I love you, too,’ I said. She rest­ed her head on my shoul­der, hug­ging me hard. ‘I wish you could love my dad­dy too,’ she said. Talk about rip­ping your heart out! ‘But I do love your dad­dy. We just had a dis­agree­ment.’ At that, my daugh­ter smiled, got up, and walked away. ‘Where are you going?’ I asked her. She replied, ‘I’m going to tell Dad­dy you love him!’” If you expose your chil­dren to your anger, make sure that they’re around when you extend grace and for­give­ness to each oth­er. Teach them how to deal with the issue, with­out attack­ing the per­son. Let them know that a dif­fer­ence of opin­ion can lead to a deci­sion that makes things bet­ter for every­one. And that you can be wrong on an issue and still be respect­ed and loved. Often that means teach­ing them what you your­self were nev­er taught. If that’s the case, learn from the mis­takes your par­ents made and pass that knowl­edge on to your chil­dren. For­give when you’re hurt, and don’t take your resent­ments to bed (See Eph 4:26). Jesus said you must for­give so “that your Father. . .in heav­en may for­give you’ (Mk 11 :25). Remem­ber, par­ent, your chil­dren are watch­ing you!

Source: The Word for you Today – Super­Chan­nel – Orlan­do, FL –
From God’s Lit­tle Devo­tion­al Book For Lead­ers, pg 30.