Precious Blood — Precious You!

“It was the pre­cious blood of Christ.” 1 Pe 1:19

The Bible says, “The ran­som he paid was not mere gold or sil­ver. It was the pre­cious blood of Christ” (VV. 18 – 19 NLT). You must come to a place in your life where you are secure in who you are “in Christ”; where you don’t allow your sense of worth to be based on the opin­ions or actions of oth­ers. Stop try­ing to find your worth in how you look, or in what you do, for a liv­ing, or in how peo­ple treat, you. Your worth in God’s eyes is incal­cu­la­ble because Jesus shed His blood for you. “Pre­cious blood, pre­cious you!” Yes, you have faults. Yes, there are things about you that need to be changed, but God is work­ing on you just as He is on every­body else. Don’t let some­body else dump their issues on you. You’re a blood-bought child of God! Don’t allow them to make you feel worth­less or use­less because they don’t know how to treat you right, or love you as you deserve to be loved. Don’t spend your life try­ing to win their accep­tance or approval. You’ve already been accept­ed and approved by God, so make sure your val­i­da­tion and sense of worth come from Him,. You’re redeemed by Christ’s blood, cov­ered by Christ’s blood, and accept­ed through Christ’s blood. And since His blood is “pre­cious,” that makes you pre­cious too! Satan, who’s called “the accuser,” would like you to for­get that and see your­self only in the light of your flaws and fail­ures. instead, get up every morn­ing, look in the mir­ror, and announce, “I am pre­cious, because I have been redeemed by the pre­cious blood of Jesus!”

Source: The Word for You Today – Super­Chan­nel, Orlan­do, FL, USA. Pub­lished on 04/12/2017, extract­ed from Mey­er, New Day, New You, pp. 127