It’s a Necessary Part of the Process

i will instruct you.” PS 32:8 NKJV

Why are you still here? When Jesus saved you, why did­n’t He sim­ply take you to heav­en to be with Him? Because He’s not only inter­est­ed in your final des­ti­na­tion; He wants to do a work in you and through you on the way to it. We get impa­tient when it comes to God’s will for our lives. We just want to get there! But a great deal of time usu­al­ly elaps­es between when God calls us and when we’ve ful­filled His will for our lives. And until we accept that, we’re not ready to go any­where! We need to under­stand that the jour­ney is an impor­tant process. It mat­ters to God what you become on the way to where you’re going. And fol­low­ing Him in obe­di­ence through many unknowns, tri­als, and dif­fi­cul­ties is an inte­gral and indis­pens­able part of your prepa­ra­tion. God uses the jour­ney to teach you faith, refine your char­ac­ter, and equip you for greater chal­lenges that lie ahead. In fact, if you’re in the process of seek­ing God’s will right now, you’re already ful­fill­ing part of it in your life. God said, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.” Don’t make the mis­take of think­ing that because you don’t know all you’d like to, you’re not mak­ing progress. Some­thing is hap­pen­ing right now. Your faith is being stretched, your patience is being devel­oped, your doubts are being con­front­ed and con­quered, and your rela­tion­ship with God is grow­ing deep­er. He always pre­pares us in advance for what He has planned ahead for us. Yes, the strug­gle is uncom­fort­able — but it’s a nec­es­sary part of the process.

Source: The World for You Today – Super­Chan­nel, Orlan­do, FL, EUA, pub­lished on 10/11/2019, pp. 18