In Christ, You are Irreversibly Blessed

“He has blessed, and I can­not reverse it.” Nu 23:20 NKJV

The Israelites con­quered the Promised Land and took pos­ses­sion of it, one town and one city at a time. As they approached Moab, one of its princes named Bal­ak hired a prophet named Bal­aam to pro­nounce a curse upon the advanc­ing Israeli annies. Stand­ing on a moun­tain over­look­ing the camp of Israel, Bal­ak expect­ed curs­es to come pour­ing out of BaIaam’s mouth. But instead, came bless­ings. When he asked Bal­aam why, he replied: “I have received a com­mand to bless; He has blessed, and I can­not reverse it. He has not observed iniq­ui­ty in Jacob, nor has He seen wicked­ness in Israel. The Lord his God is with him” (vv. 20 – 21 NKJV). Was that because there was no “iniq­ui­ty” or ”wicked­ness” among the Israelites? No. Then how could God not see it? For the same rea­son He does­n’t see your faults and fail­ings — because He has cho­sen to see you “in Christ” who is per­fect, and whose aton­ing blood cov­ers all your sins from the new birth to the new Jerusalem. When the Israelites set up camp each night, their tents formed the shape of a big cross; pic­ture the tents of eight tribes run­ning ver­ti­cal­ly, and four tribes run­ning hor­i­zon­tal­ly. Get­ting the pic­ture? As a redeemed child of God, that’s how your Heav­en­ly Father sees you. He looks at you — through the cross. And since the blood of Jesus paid for every sin you would ever com­mit, God sees you as ”accept­ed” and “right­eous” and “com­plete.” So the word for you today is: Because God sees you in Christ, you are irre­versibly blessed.

Source: The Word for You Today – Super­Chan­nel, Orlan­do, FL, USA.