Discovering God’s Will

Be trans­formed by the renew­ing of your mind…That you may prove what is that good and accept­able and per­fect will of God.” Ro 12:2 NKJV

The sto­ry is told of a man who lived on a beau­ti­ful farm. When he died, the prop­er­ty, which had been in the fam­i­ly for over 200 years, was sold to one of the neigh­bors. One day, the new own­er was walk­ing in a field when he noticed an odd-look­ing rock stick­ing out of the dirt. He took it home, washed it, and took it to a jew­el­ry store. The jew­el­er con­firmed what the own­er already sus­pect­ed. The old stone, which had been in the field for thou­sands of years, was a large, uncut emer­ald, and proved to be worth sev­er­al mil­lion dol­lars. This gem­stone had been in the field all along, wait­ing for some­one to come along and dis­cov­er it. Over the years, peo­ple had walked past it thou­sands of times and over­looked it, because it looked like noth­ing more than a com­mon old gar­den rock. When we “dis­cov­er” some­thing, in actu­al­i­ty, we’re find­ing some­thing that already exists even though we were unaware of it. Here’s the point: While many of us are seek­ing God’s will for our lives, often what we’re look­ing for is right under our nose but we keep search­ing because we don’t rec­og­nize it. To rec­og­nize a pre­cious stone, you need to be famil­iar with its char­ac­ter­is­tics and know what to look for. Like­wise, to rec­og­nize God’s will you must live by this Scrip­ture: “Do not be con­formed to this world, but be trans­formed by the renew­ing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and accept­able and per­fect will of God.” That calls for qual­i­ty time read­ing your Bible, and talk­ing with and lis­ten­ing to the Author.

For a redeemed child of God, noth­ing in life should be more impor­tant than dis­cov­er­ing and doing His will. But you have four options:

  1. You can remain igno­rant of it. Chances are this isn’t you, or you would­n’t be read­ing this dai­ly devo­tion­al right now. Clear­ly you have a desire to know God’s will for your life and He will help you find it (See lsa 30:21).
  2. You can know it and choose to dis­obey it. Jon­ah knew God’s will, but he ran from it and end­ed up in the biggest storm of his life. What was his prob­lem? He  did­n’t like the assign­ment God gave him. is your prob­lem that you know God’s will but you just don’t like it?
  3. You can know it but set­tle for less. The truth is you can sing in  the choir and serve on the church board, yet deep in your heart know you’re set­tling for less than God’s will.
  4. You can set­tle for noth­ing less than God’s will. There are moments when God’s will seems too dif­fi­cult, too pro­longed, and too unre­ward­ing. Your own ideas seem eas­i­er, quick­er, and more enjoy­able. In the end, you find that His plan  was bet­ter than yours and there will nev­er be an excep­tion to this rule. So you may as  well decide from now on to yield to God’s will, do things His way, and believe Him for  His best. Today get down on your knees and say with the psalmist, “l delight to do Your  will, O my God…Your law is with­in my heart” (Ps 40:8 NKJV).

Source: The Word for you Today – Super­Chan­nel 55 – Orlan­do, FL, pub­lished on Octo­ber 2  & 3, 2019, pp 21.