Calvary was always part of God’s plan

“It’s what God had in mind all along.” Isa 53:10 TM

The Psalmist wrote: “My God, why have You forsaken Me … I am … a reproach of men, and despised … All those who see Me ridicule Me … saying ‘He trusted in the Lord … let Him deliver Him’ … I am poured out like water … My bones are out of joint … My tongue clings to My jaws … They pierced My hands and … feet … and for My clothing they cast lots” (Ps 22:1-18 NKJV).

Think about it: David could be describing Jesus’ crucifixion in detail. Yet when he wrote these words crucifixion hadn’t been introduced as a form of execution. It was initiated centuries later by the Phoenicians, and long after that before it was adopted by the Roman Empire.

Dr. Charles Augustus Briggs says: “You can take this psalm … lay it side-by-side with New Testament accounts of the crucifixion … and see how they dovetail perfectly. It’s astonishing that someone could describe something so intimately and intricately a thousand years before it happened.” Calvary wasn’t the result of happenstance. Long before Jesus came on the scene, God had a plan to reconcile us to Himself through Christ (See 2 Co 5:18 NlV).

Historian Paul L. Maier says: “In Isaiah chapter 53 we have almost a running commentary on what happened on Good Friday … It would be mathematically impossible for anyone else to fulfill all these parameters of prophecy in the Old Testament better than Jesus.”

Bottom line: “It’s what God had in mind all along … to give himself as an offering for sin.” That means long before there was an Easter, God was thinking about you!

Source: The Word for You Today – SuperChannel, Orlando, FL, USA. published on Apr 14’17 – Kennedy D James and Jerry Newcombe. Cross Purposes (Portland, Ore.: Multnomah, 2007), pp. 42-50