Terms and Conditions

By presenting any offer, proposal or business opportunity to World Vision Business Corporation, hereiafter referred to as WVBC, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions set for engagement in business with us which include but is not limited to the thorough investigation of the source documentation prior to its submission to ensure it is legitimate, authentic, legal and attend the criteria of ethics in business. Therefore, you agree to hold WVBC, its directors, management and employees, harmless of any wrongdoing related to the origin, source, authenticity and legality of any and all documents presented to us, hereinafter referred to as "material."

The fact that you transmit such material to us for evaluation, via electronic means, mail, or in any other shape or form, it does not constitute our agreement with its source, veracity, authenticity or its legality, neither you should assume that we agree, approve or endorse such material, and you agree and warrant to hold WVBC harmless of any claims of solicitation or endorsement about the veracity, legality or legitimacy of such material and cannot claim we have requested or led you to provide any material that may constitute a fraud.

Furthermore, although these terms and conditions are stated in English, you cannot claim ignorance of its contents and legal responsibilities even if you do not speak the language and engage or contact our Company using any other language.

DISCLAIMER WVBC is NOT a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or a Registered U.S. Investment adviser, neither is WVBC a broker, dealer, or investment adviser registered under the laws of any jurisdiction. WVBC is a business consulting firm and, as such, makes no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, as to the bona fide of any prospective buyer, seller, issuer, lender, borrower, investor or client by and among any of such parties. This website and the contents hereof are not and may not be considered to be a solicitation to buy or invest in any form of security or investment fund. All due diligence is the individual responsibility of the Buyer, Seller or prospective client, who should always consult their attorney or independent investment advisor before engaging in any transaction.

IDENTIFICATION: By submitting documents to WVBC you agree to disclose your identification and provide, upon request, a copy of your Client Information Sheet (CIS) along with a color copy of your passport (minimum quality 300 dpi) and agree that we may run a due diligence information on your business and verify your identity.

OFFERS: Any offer posted in the WVBC is for information purposes only and should not be taken as biding or applicable, unless a message is sent to you with proper quotations duly signed. Expired offers must be taken as examples for terms and conditions. All offers are subject to change without notice, and subject to prior sale.

When responding to our offers, brokers and other intermediaries must authorize WVBC to contact the End Buyer or the Buyer Mandate, directly, after a NCND Agreement is signed, if so required. In addition, you agree that prices on commodities may vary from those posted depending upon the destination port, payment instruments, banks used, commissions requested, and any other factors that may constitute your specific need. Therefore, a thorough discussion about your requested transaction is needed before issuing any purchasing documents.

IMPORTANT notes regarding submitting ICPO/LOI to our appreciation

Due to a large number of requests received from persons not authorized by the Buyer, in special brokers or intermediaries that are normally shopping around for opportunities, you agree to submit only ICPOs created by the main Buyer, and must present proof of your qualification to act on his/her behalf, and provide purchase orders issued with full corporate responsibility and personal, under penalty of perjury, and it should include a passport copy of the signatory and his/her full contact information. For the sake of saving precious time on discussions about the contract its conditions and sale procedures, we suggest you contact us in advance for revising the ICPO draft, prior to issuing the final document. Several problems in negotiations are normally resolved at this stage.

Any ICPO/LOI must also include full banking coordinates and explicit authorization for the Seller/Exporter to contact the Buyer`s Bank to confirm the his financial ability to perform, or to allow the Seller to contact the Buyer`s bank and do a soft-probe on their account, in some cases. Otherwise, the Buyer must present proof of financial capacity, in advance.

Please be aware approximately 99% of all requests we receive are rejected due to inconsistencies found on them. First, because they normally come from intermediaries. Therefore, to avoid frustration and save precious communication time, please make sure the following is observed:

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