World Vision Business Corporation is in business since 1995, and is located in the Central Florida area (USA).

We have been working extensively as Consultants for investment opportunities, including assisting Clients in MBO (Management Buy Out), partnerships, joint-ventures or total ownership of businesses, international business loans (non-recourse loans, monetization of financial instruments) and investments. We have established excellent relationships for negotiating and investing financial instruments (mainly cash backed Bank Guarantees - BGs) with major securities firms and international funds.

Also, as a result of these partnerships we are able to assist you in establishing international business structures (including bank accounts) to facilitate your transactions worldwide, by forming the so called International Business Corporations (IBCs), which could be established in jurisdictions such as Singapore, the Seychelles Islands, British Virgin Islands (BVI), to name a few, and establishing Foundations for developing international projects (either humanitarian - not-for-profit purposes or otherwise), in different locations, including the Netherlands. Other business structures are also available to assist you business needs.

World Vision has also assisted owners of specialty bonds, such as MTNs, Chinese and Mexican Bonds in advancing their negotiations with international traders.

We have been providing consultancy services to several corporations in over the years, especially, in services related to software development and software development quality assurance.

Additionally, we have developed excellent partnerships with providers of goods such as White Refined Cane Sugar (ICUMSA 45 RBU and others), Ethanol, GMO/NON-GMO Soybeans, Yellow Corn and other agriculture products. Most of our providers are located in Brazil, although some of the Sellers may be located elsewhere.

We have established partnerships to act as the International Marketing and Sales representatives, as well as Financial Department for those companies, including acting as international paymasters, when required. Invested in this capacity, we are fully authorized to negotiate contracts and payment terms on behalf of the exporter, seller or investor, and transfer the finalized transaction directly to the exporter, who will issue the Full Corporate Offers (FCO), Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPA), proof of product (POP), agreement registrations, and fulfill all the requirements to consummate the transaction. All documents and payment instruments are issued directly to the End Seller/Exporter, who will transact directly with the End Buyer.
DISCLAIMER: World Vision Business Corporation is NOT a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or a Registered U.S. Investment adviser. Nor is the World Vision Business Corporation a broker, dealer, or investment adviser registered under the laws of any jurisdiction. World Vision Business Corporation is a Business Consultant and, as such, has made no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, as to the bona fide character of any prospective buyer, seller, issuer, lender, borrower, investor, or any prospective transaction by and among any of such parties. This website and the contents hereof are not and may not be considered to be a solicitation to buy or invest in any form of security or investment fund. All due diligence is the individual responsibility of the Buyer, Seller or prospective client, who should consult their attorney or independent investment advisor before engaging in any transaction.
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